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Did You Know?

Pittsburgh Awards:


  • #1 Most Livable City in America (
  • 2nd Best City for College Graduates (Huffington Post)
  • Top 5 Great Cities for Retirees (
  • 7th Best Place to Raise a Family (
  • 7th Top City for Geeks (Wired Magazine)
  • Top 10 for Singles / Young Professionals (Relocate America)
  • 28th Most Bike Friendly City (Bicycling Magazine)


  • #1 Most Livable City in U.S. (The Economist)
  • #1 Best Sports City (Sporting News)
  • 2nd Best City to Launch a New Business (Forbes)
  • Walker's Paradise: Scored 98 of 100 Walk Score
  • 3rd Place in Kiplinger's Best Cities reader poll
  • 4th Most Literate City (Central Connecticut State University)
  • 5th in Most Courteous Drivers (AutoVantage Road Rage Survey)
  • 6th Place in Cities Where They're Hiring (Forbes)
  • 8th Best City for Working Mothers (Forbes)
  • 10th Place in Best Places to Walk in the U.S. (Prevention Magazine)


  • #1 Most Livable City in America (Places Rated Almanac)
    Also ranked among the Top 5 in 1983, 1985, 1989 & 2007
  • 1st Metropolitan Area for Relocating Families (Worldwide ERC and Primary Relocation)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Rank 1st in the NFL (ESPN)
  • 2nd Best Place to Raise Kids (Business Week)
  • 3rd Best Arts Destination Among Mid-size cities (American Style Magazine)
  • 6th in the Top 10 "Up & Coming" Technology Cities (
  • 13th in the Top 20 Best Cities for Young Professionals (
Pittsburgh Living:
  • Pittsburgh has the lowest crime rate of the top 25 metropolitan areas in the U.S.
  • On average, Pittsburgh residents spend about 25 minutes commuting to work one way. For comparison, that's 18% less time than Philadelphia and 12% less than Boston.
  • Pittsburgh's cost of living is 93% of the National Average.
  • The average existing home in Pittsburgh sold for $118,000, or 43% below the National Average.
Pittsburgh Firsts:
First City to Win the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup in the same year 2009
First City to Win 6 Super Bowls 2009
First Retractable Dome (Mellon Arena) 1961
First U.S. Public TV Station (WQED) 1954
First Polio Vaccine (Jonas Salk) 1954
First U.S. Radio Broadcast (KDKA) 1920
First Baseball Stadium in the U.S. 1909
First U.S. Movie Theatre 1905
First World Series Game 1903
First Ferris Wheel 1893
Pittsburgh Facts:
  • Pittsburgh is within 500 miles of more than half the U.S. population and less than 90 minutes flying time from 20 states and Canada.
  • Pittsburgh is home to North America's first "Green" convention center in North America due to its environmentally friendly design.
  • Pittsburgh is home to eight Fortune 500 Companies including Alcoa, Heinz, Mellon, PNC Financial Services, PPG, US Steel, Consol Energy and WESCO International.
  • Kennywood Park's Thunderbolt was given first place on the National Amusement Park Historical Association's Top Ten Coasters in the World list.
  • Concession stands at Heinz Field sell two miles of hot dogs at each game.
  • With 52 million tons of cargo shipped annually, Pittsburgh has the nation's second busiest inland port.
  • The Big Mac, the world's most famous hamburger, was "invented" in Pittsburgh by McDonald's franchise owner Jim Delligatti in 1968.
  • Besides Venice, Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world 720 within the city limits and 15 major bridges crossing downtown Pittsburgh alone.
  • Fred Rogers from the well-known children's program Mister Roger's Neighborhood was a Pittsburgher. His show was filmed in the middle of Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood.
Pittsburgh Films:

These well-known movies were filmed in Pittsburgh along with many others.

The Dark Knight Rises 2012
Abduction 2011
Unstoppable 2010
Adventureland 2008
The Mothman Prophecies 2002
Wonder Boys 2000
Dogma 1999
Inspector Gadget 1999
Kingpin 1996
Sudden Death 1995
Groundhog Day 1993
Lorenzo's Oil (Academy Award Winner) 1993
Hoffa (Academy Award Winner) 1992
Silence of the Lambs (Academy Award Winner) 1991
RoboCop 1987
Flashdance 1983
The Deer Hunter 1978
Night of the Living Dead 1968