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Office Leasing

With its commanding presence and Class A rating, Fifth Avenue Place embodies both a bold architectural sensibility and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

The complex's thirty-one stories reflect a classic, corporate style. Artistically comprised of polished, flame-finished granite and windows of blue-green glass, the building makes up a distinct part of the Pittsburgh cityscape.

Entering the structure is just as impressive

The timeless elegance of Fifth Avenue Place is displayed in the beautiful blending of polished brass, patterned marble, rich cherry wood and brilliant glass. The building's three-level atrium is home to some of Pittsburgh's finest retail shops and a food court. A PNC branch office and conveniently located ATMs are accessible to office tenants and guests. Plus, there is the added ease of on-site, indoor parking.

A desired location that provides spectacular views from all four sides of the office tower

Overlooking the renowned Point State Park and Pittsburgh's Cultural and Central Business Districts, the unique contours of the building's exterior allows for dramatic interior office design. Based on a rectangular, central core configuration, the office floor plans can easily accommodate large and small tenants.

State-of-the-art operating systems complimented with a signature style

Fifth Avenue Place features a high-speed, computerized elevator system with well-appointed cars that readily respond to floor-by-floor demand. The use of reflective, insulated glass and individual variable air volume HVAC systems provide a consistent level of energy efficiency not found in many comparable office buildings. The entire complex is also fully protected by advanced, automated security and life safety systems, which are monitored twenty-four hours a day.

In addition, an experienced team of management and security professionals are retained on-site to ensure that the needs of all Fifth Avenue Place tenants receive prompt attention and that the building's standards of excellence are maintained on a daily basis.

For further leasing information, please contact:

Morgan Evans, Jenkins-Empire Associates
Fifth Avenue Place
120 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2626
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
412-544-1030 ●