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Floor Plans

The architectural sensibility of Fifth Avenue Place's exterior design becomes readily evident within its Class A interior office space.

As it rises upward, the geometric decrease in size of the office tower not only gives the building a greater sense of height, but also produces office floor plans that vary in expanse. In turn, the building's unique formation creates two different floor templates.

Based on a rectangular, central-core configuration, each schematic layout features functional, flexible space that:

  • Accommodates both large and small tenants
  • Maximizes efficient facility planning
  • Adapts to open work areas or enclosed offices
  • Increases the opportunity for dramatic interior design that capitalizes on its unique contour
  • Provides spectacular views from all four sides of the office tower

These distinctive characteristics are just some of the unique features that serve to establish Fifth Avenue Place as Downtown Pittsburgh's premier office complex.

For further leasing information, please contact:

Morgan Evans, Jenkins-Empire Associates
Fifth Avenue Place
120 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2626
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
412-544-1030 ●