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Renew Your Community

With its parks, trails and rivers, Pittsburgh has an abundance of natural greenery. Sprouting around that greenery, the City is home to a variety of environmental and outdoor organizations that promote sustainability in every aspect of our lives.

Fifth Avenue Place is a partner and supporter of these many organizations, each with their own unique focus in promoting a greener future. To learn more, please visit the websites of these outstanding organizations.

Allegheny CleanWays
Engage and empower people to eliminate illegal dumping and littering in Allegheny County

Bike Pittsburgh
Establish Pittsburgh as a city that is increasingly safe, accessible, and friendly to bicycle transportation

City of Pittsburgh
Offer a wide variety of recycling and other environmental services, aiding the City in recovering valuable resources and saving energy

Serve as an information clearing house for commuters and employers, promote alternative transportation options and increase the number of commuters in Southwestern Pennsylvania sharing a ride to work

Construction Junction
Support and promote conservation through the reuse of building materials, keeping usable building materials out of the landfills and providing them to the community at very low cost

Creative Reuse Pittsburgh
Reduce the waste stream and bring reusable materials back into circulation through programs that explore and encourage new ways of utilizing these wasted resources

Green Building Alliance
Advance economic prosperity and human well being in Western Pennsylvania by driving market demand for green buildings and green building products

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
Transform agriculture and food systems in Pennsylvania and beyond in a way that makes our farmers more viable, improves the land and restores the health and wellbeing of all our citizens

Pennsylvania Resource Council
Lead and promote individual and collective actions to preserve Pennsylvania's environmental resources for each generation via community, business and education programs

Port Authority
Provides a network of public transportation services to persons traveling within a 775 square-mile area, including the City of Pittsburgh and all of Allegheny County

Rachel Carson Homestead Association
Dedicated to preserving the historic Rachel Carson Homestead and advancing Rachel Carson's environmental ethic: Live in harmony with nature; Preserve and learn from natural places; Minimize the impact of man-made chemicals on natural systems of the world; Consider the implications of human actions on the global web of life

Sustainable Pittsburgh
Affect decision-making in the Pittsburgh Region to integrate economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental quality bringing sustainable solutions to communities and businesses

U.S. Green Building Council
Promotes a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings

Verizon partners with Camp HOPE America in support of victims of domestic violence

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
Protects and restore exceptional places to provide our region with clean waters and healthy forests, wildlife and natural areas for the benefit of present and future generations

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