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reTHINK | reFOCUS | reSOLVE Programs

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Fifth Avenue Place is continuously spreading its environmental message –

  • reTHINK your practices
  • reFOCUS on your environment
  • reSOLVE to lessen your impact

Both in our customer events and behind-the-scenes practices, we strive to live these principles year-round!


Missing reSOLUTION?

In previous years, Fifth Avenue Place has opened the reSOLUTION Shop to collect unique items for reuse and recycling. Don’t worry ~ while there is no collection at Fifth Avenue Place this year, you can still reuse and recycle those same items at businesses in your own community!



Demin Jeans & Apparel

Remember ~ always reuse before you recycle

Athletic Shoes

With the Reuse-A-Shoe program, drop off up to 10 pairs of sneakers to any Nike store

Plastic Shopping Bags

Giant Eagle
Recycle #2 and #4 shopping bags, produce bags, dry cleaning bags & more

MP3 Players, Digital Cameras & GPS Devices

Giant Eagle
New eWaste collection bins will donate 100% of proceeds to local food banks


Total Vision Care
Drop off your old pair here for the Lion’s Club

Ink / Toner Cartridges

Office Depot
Keep that toxic and electronic waste out of landfills

Cell Phones

Verizon is partnering with Camp HOPE America

Old Art / Craft Supplies

Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse
Limit the amount of materials that end up in landfills by supporting creativity in our community


EcoMod™ Escalator Reconstruction
January - May 2010

In 2010, Fifth Avenue Place had a unique opportunity. After over 20 years of use, the Fifth Avenue Place Lobby Escalator was in need of a complete reconstruction. Parts were no longer available for the 22-year-old escalator, and when it came time to replace it, Fifth Avenue Place contracted KONE to install its EcoMod™ Escalator.

The environmentally-friendly escalator requires 20-40% less electricity and does not require oil in the chains. All EcoMod Escalators are lubricated for life and do not require cleaning with solvents or detergents. In addition, KONE offered a more environmentally-friendly construction process. More than 7,000 pounds of scrap metal were recycled, and 1,800 pounds of glass were donated to Construction Junction, limiting the waste that ended up in a landfill.