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Go Green All Year Round!

Fifth Avenue Place is committed to sustainable, eco-friendly and green practices and principles. We strive to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of the center, including:

  • The use of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and cold cathode bulbs that utilize 60-75% less electricity
  • A recycling program for bottles, cans and paper in all office and retail spaces
  • Use of environmentally-friendly, Green Seal certified cleaning and paper products
  • Replacement of the lobby escalator with the new KONE Eco-Mod™ Escalator, using 20-40% less energy
  • Partner in the Pittsburgh 2030 District, a collaborative, nationally recognized, yet local community of high-performance buildings in Downtown Pittsburgh

In 2007, Fifth Avenue Place unveiled its environmental focus through a new campaign - reTHINK |  reFOCUS  |  reSOLVE

  • reTHINK your practices
  • reFOCUS on your environment
  • reSOLVE to lessen your impact

Under this banner, Fifth Avenue Place is partnering with some of Pittsburgh's leading environmental organizations to engage customers, visitors and tenants with the "green" movement. Fifth Avenue Place offers events and information throughout the year to help people learn more about eco-friendly principles and practices on how to Go Green.

Please join us in our efforts to improve the Earth!