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Interior Design

Inside the building, a blend of gleaming glass storefronts, burnished brass moldings, classic columns, open atriums and wrought iron railings help to create a European-inspired arcade along the first two levels of retail space.

The Retail mix includes a unique combination of national chains, independent shops, a full-service PNC Bank branch office, and a 300-seat Food Court.

The combination of three-story atriums and definitively carved balconies serves to create an open, airy ambiance.

Topaz marble imported from Portugal and Rosa Alicanti marble mined in Spain were used to construct the Stanwix Street grand lobby and as accent points throughout the retail corridors.

Marble and tile walkways, Victorian lamp posts, tree and flora filled planters and traditional park benches help to create an environment that is instantly warming and inviting. A glorious grand staircase, elevators and escalator lead to the second level shops and Food Court eateries.

A series of computer controlled skylights accurately reflect the various parts of daylight and add a sense of reality to the "open marketplace" environment.

The complex is readily compliant with ADA guidelines inclusive of power-assisted doors, voice assist and Braille readings for the elevator cabs, strobe alarm lighting, complying directional signage, sidewalk curb cuts, restroom accommodations, and 24-hour Security to assist with ingress and egress.